What we do


Putting growth at the center of your promotional investment.

Cost Effective

Outside of the two big controllable costs in retail, fixed costs (CAPEX) and labor, one of the next biggest costs is
promotional costs. This could be investment in price discounts as well as investment in advertising. Most B2C companies
carry these costs and want to make them as efficient and effective as possible.

Drive Results

DecaSIM optimizes promotional spend to drive the results you want. You set the objectives: more customers, broader appeal in price sensitive demographics, deeper and broader engagement in categories or promotions, more effective promotional investment on items which are relevant to shoppers. DecaSIM delivers the promotional plans to fulfill them.

Profitable Investment

The challenge is, as per the quote from Wanamaker/Leverhulme some, if not a majority, of the investment is inefficient (wasted); either the target audience doesn’t see the ad, doesn’t engage with the ad, doesn’t buy the item or (worse still) forward buys items at a very unprofitable margin for the retailer.

Improve Performance

Not only was this the reason DecaSIM was created, but we have the evidence it works.

To understand the results when a grocery retailer deployed DecaSIM to improve the performance of their promotional investment.